Visions Magazine - A Journey Into Sound IV Tape 1 [Inkl. Rammstein - Rammstein Demo]

[Conditions]: {Cassette Case} {Near Mint} {Compilation, Demo}

Front of case.
Spine of case.
Cassette in case.
Label: Visions Magazine: none Year Released: 1995.Sourced from: Discogs. Discogs Link:
Came with an edition of the "Visions" magazine in 1995. A promo compilation containing the demo version of "Rammstein", which can only be found elsewhere on demo tapes.
The artwork in this cassette case verifies that Rammstein's first album was not going to be named "Herzeleid" but simply, it would have been named after the band themselves; "Rammstein".

Anakonda Im Netz [French DVDr Promo]

[Conditions]: {No manufactured sleeve} {Very Good} {DVDr Promo}

Front of DVD.

Label: Not On Label - none. Year Released: 2006.Sourced from: eBay. Discogs Link: and named DVDr for the Anakonda Im Netz documentary from Voelkerball - name and number have been blurred out to prevent identification of the original owner. DVD is watermarked, meaning that any ripped material can be traced back to the original owner.

Apocalyptica - Worlds Collide [European CD]

[Conditions]: {Jewelcase} {Near Mint} {CD}

Front of case.
Back of case.
CD and inlay.

Label: Sony BMG Music Entertainment - 88697157322. Year Released: 2007.Sourced from: Discogs. Discogs Link: Till Lindemann's vocals for the David Bowie cover of "Helden".

MetalHammer - Rammstein 2017 Magazine(s) [SEALED]

[Conditions]: {Rammstein-edition Magazines} {SEALED!} {With Sampler CD}

Front of both magazines.

Label: None. Year Released: 2017.Sourced from: Some local convenience stores. Discogs Link: nil NOTE: Both are still sealed. Comes with a sampler CD, but it doesn't have any Rammstein tracks on it.

"Mein Herz Brennt" T-Shirt

[Conditions]: {Packeted [With] Wine Gums} {Unsealed, Near Mint} {T-Shirt, Size: L}

Front view.
Back view 2.

Label: None. Year Released: 2012Sourced from: eBay Discogs Link: nil
Out of print since 2012. Released along with the Mein Herz Brennt single.

Original Single Kollektion + 6-Track Demo Cassette Signed

After a 5 hour wait in the blazing sunlight, standing with aching legs in a line going back for miles, both my Original Single Kollektion and 6-Track demo cassette were signed by the full band. Richard saw "Schwarzes Glas" written on the cassette inlay and gave a nostalgic laugh; the whole band (aside from Till) seemed very happy to see the name of the song they hadn't seen in almost 25 years.

Paris (2xCD + PAL DVD Digipak)

[Conditions]: {2xCD + PAL DVD} {Near Mint} {Digipak}

Front of digipak.
Back of digipak.
DVD to the left, 2xCD on the right.

Label: Mercury - none. Year Released: 19th May 2017.Sourced from: HMV UK. Discogs Link:
The new (2017) live album on 2 CDs and a PAL DVD. Purchased from my local HMV store in Coventry.